Therapy Room

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  • Support clinicians
  • ​Affordable prices for patients 
In accordance with Government guidelines, Covid-19 risk assessments have been completed at all our buildings to ensure we remain Covid-19 secure.

Room Features

 Kitchen (access to water, jugs, glasses, kettle, mugs, fridge)
 Wall heaters with adjustable temperature
 Ventilator in each room
Comfortable chairs
 Rooms for people with reduced mobility
 Cleaning and checking regularly
Each room was individually crafted by an artist who designs boutique hotels around Europe. ​
Effective soundproofing between rooms permits confidential discussions.
​Each room has its own door-bell, for direct communication between caller and therapist without disturbing other sessions.
​To enter, you get your own door code (so you never have to carry keys around or worry about losing them)
Discrete and sefa place for anyone to find help at prime location.
  • Newly starting therapists face a bigger problem: they don't have big caseloads and often can't book a stretch of hours for a whole afternoon, so they get charged "ad-hoc" rates of £35 or more (i.e. they have to give up £35 or more from their fee, to their clinic). 
Do you know newly-starting therapist? Ask Them!
  • Expensive rent and commissions for clinic spaces also therapy rooms in Central London drives up therapists' expenses. This drives the cost of therapy up automatically and it makes less affordable for many which means people who need help can afford it less and less. In other words it is less likely to seek help, and more likely to let things fester.
Our Solution 
  • Therapists don't have to absorb the cost for expensive rent, so the can afford to give discounts to their patients when it is needed.
  • ​Patients don't have to pay a premium for prime-location therapy room or clinic

So why such low prices?

1. value for money = help as many people as possible
2. therapy rooms more affordable to therapists
3. could result in making therapy more affordable
4. more people might choose to seek help at the time they need to!
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starting from £8/hour

100% Guarantee!

We offer high quality rooms at great value for money.
You and your clients will love them.
Everybody has been happy and we're sure you'll be satisfied too.
Having said that, in the unlikely event that your first booking here does not meet your standards, all you need to do is write to us straight away to let us know - we'll issue an immediate and full refund for that booking.
We've never been asked for a refund, but this guarantee gives you a chance to try our rooms COMPLETELY RISK-FREE
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